The beautiful city of Minsk!

10 interesting facts about Minsk that will surprise you

  • Minsk is older than many European cities and capitals – Warsaw, Vilnius, Lvov and Moscow. It was first mentioned in chronicles in 1067.
  • Minsk burned to the ground 18 times in its history.
  • In the 1940s Minsk was rightfully considered the jazz capital of the USSR. These years in Minsk Eddie Rozner exercised his talent.
  • The Minsk botanic garden area takes the 3rd place in Europe after the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew in London and park in Madrid. The area of the Minsk botanic garden is 96 hectares.
  • Minsk has more than hundred of large and small fountains. The oldest Minsk fountain "The boy with a swan" that is located in Aleksandrovsky Square in the center of the capital was opened in 1874.
  • Svisloch river flowing through Minsk, has eight sharp turns and 54 bridges.
  • 72 766sq.m is the area given for planting flowers in Minsk. This territory comparable with the size of 10 football fields.
  • 844 000 trees grow in Minsk and every fourth of them is a linden. Therefore, the city is considered one of the most green and environmentally pristine cities in Europe.
  • In the capital there is a square with only one building. The square of Commune of Paris is occupied by the only one building - Opera and Ballet Theater.
  • The Victory monument on Nezavisimosti Avenue in the centre of Minsk is 36 meters high, a pedestal is 2 meters and the size of a star is of 6×6 meters.