Royal Stay Group Destination Services

Royal Stay Group is the first Destination Services Provider in the Republic of Belarus. We're the only company who can offer extensive In-Country Belarus destination services.

Royal Stay Group provides an efficient, personalized and dedicated full range of Relocation and Immigration Services: home search, settling in, work permit, temporary residence permit, school search, home staff search, etc.

Competent In-Country experience allows us to provide a more realistic assessment of Belarus; our managers have a wide experience of working in local market as they live in the area they guide and advice on and know each aspect of local culture and life.

We will do our best to explain cultural differences, how to live with them and the reasons behind them.

Our client is always accompanied by one of our experienced local staff ensuring the best service possible.

RSG Destination is created with the aim of providing in Belarus a new and professional approach to relocation, one that is based on real local experience.

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